This section lists important additions and changes to the RALSA package.


Add the following analysis types to RALSA:

  1. ANOVA;
  2. Quantile regression;
  3. Nominal logistic regression;
  4. Ordinal logistic regression;
  5. Path analysis; and
  6. Multilevel modelling.

Software improvements

Alter the code to improve RALSA’s performance:

  1. Add parallel processing;
  2. Optimize the data conversion function for faster conversion of SPSS (or TXT in case of PISA pre-2015 cycles) data files;
  3. Make the GUI run as a background job in RStudio, i.e. without blocking R/RStudio console.

Other items will be added to the list above with time. When any of the above are done, they will be moved away and their addition announced in our news section.